LMCC Adopts Frequency Coordination Procedures Regarding Treatment of Non-Compliant Narrowband Systems

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Effective February 1, 2013, according to an LMCC recommendation, on – compliant 25 kHz systems in the 150 – 470 MHz bands “shall not be considered by the FCC’s certified frequency advisory committees for purposes of identifying frequency assignments for use within land mobile systems absent a pending modification application evidencing narrowbanding compliance or a pending or granted waiver request that seeks an extension of the January 1, 2013, narrowbanding deadline.” According to the LMCC, this coordination procedure will promote compliance with the narrowbanding mandate and the identification of exclusive use channels critical for assignment within hybrid /centralized trunked systems which support spectrum efficiency.

Assuming the FCC accepts this LMCC – endorsed frequency coordination procedure, the LMCC recommended that the FCC report its approval in a future Public Notice addressing narrowbanding issues.

The LMCC is a nonprofit association of nineteen organizations that represent the wireless communications interests of public safety, critical infrastructure, business, industrial, transportation, private and common carriers, and manufacturers of wireless communications equipment.

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