Seeking Resolution – Channel 14 in Tulsa

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On April 30, the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) filed an ex parte letter with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) responding to the reply comments of KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has requested to move from Channel 10 to Channel 14 with a 1,000 kw transmitter. Contrary to KTUL’s prop0sed interference mitigation solutions, the LMCC stated that land mobile receiver filtering was not a practical solution given the number of fixed and mobile devices that would be involved and asked who would be responsible for the costs associated with that approach. It requested the FCC to conduct its own investigation of the availability of alternative UHF channels for KTUL’s use.

The LMCC also suggested to the FCC that if they decide to grant the request, KTUL should be required to address the land mobile interference concerns through on-air testing and should not be granted programming authority until the land mobile interference concerns are fully resolved. There are several hundred land mobile incumbents who could be impacted by the operation of this proposed high-power transmitter.

Author: Andrea Cumpston