NWCC Supports APCO/EEI 6 GHz Initiatives

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The National Wireless Communications Council (NWCC) has supported the Joint Petition for Rulemaking and Request for Stay filed by representatives of public safety and utility licensees in the 6 GHz band, including APCO International and the Edison Electric Institute. In an ex parte filed June 21, 2022, NWCC agreed with the request for new rules for 6 GHz low-power indoor (LPI) devices, further testing of standard-power devices, and an immediate temporary stay on any equipment certifications of these devices, including the marketing, sale, and importation of 6 GHz LPI devices that have already been certified by the Commission. The Joint Petition also provided information on the record regarding the results of real-world testing of commercially available 6 GHz devices that calls into question assumptions in the 6 GHz Report and Order regarding the threat of interference to fixed incumbents, including public safety, utilities, and numerous other entities, from both LPI and standard power devices. NWCC requested expedited action by the Commission on the pending Stay Request and Joint Petition.

Author: Andrea Cumpston

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